Cosmo Ferrites Jabli (H.P.) – Complete Compressed Air Line, Water, Structure Fabrication
Borkar Packaging (Goa) Nalagarh Unloading and erection of complete plant machinery.
Nahar Fabrics Lalru (Punjab)-
M/s Semiconductor Complex Ltd. Mohali- Unloading, loading & Shifting of sophisticated Electronics
M/s Electronics Systems Punjab Ltd. Mohali- Equipment Also Handling & Shifting of latest Electron Beam
M/s Punjab Wireless Systems Ltd. Mohali – Equipment from Helicopter at S.C.L. Mohali, Fabrication of
M/s Northern Digital Exchange Ltd. Mohali- M.S. & S.S. Items to drawings and specifications.
M/s Modi Business Machines Ltd. Mohali.-
M/s Betts India Pvt. Ltd. Baddi-

M/s Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. Bombay. – Erection and Commission of the entire Plant, Pumps Motors etc. of De- Mineralisation plant including R.O. Process at M/s S.C.L & M/s J.C.T. Mohali. Capacity 75 Cu Mtrs per hour.

M/s J.C.T. Electronics Ltd. Mohali – Handling & Erection of Effluent treatment plant, Air Receivers, L.P.G. VESSELS 18 Ton approx. Wt. Single piece, Generator shifting etc.

M/s Punjab Anand Batteries Ltd. Mohali – Handling & Erection of Dry Cell and Button Cell Plant, M/C Press,
M/S Punjab Anand Lamp Ind. Ltd. Mohali – Furnaces, Furnaces etc. Also Machinery for manufacturing of Bulbs
Tubes. Fabrication of trolleys, S.S. tanks, M.S. Racks etc.

M/s K.G. Khosla Ltd. New Delhi – Erection of Compressors and piping

M/s Pieco Ltd. Bombay – Erection of Generators at PALI (Mohali).

M/s Voltas Ltd. New Delhi – Installation of Generator at Ranbaxy Ltd., Mohali.

M/s Milk Plant. Mohali. – Loading & Unloading of tanks and Machinery
M/s Govt. Printing Press, Chandigarh – Erection of Printing Machinery and Presses etc.

M/s Punjab Tractors Ltd. Mohali – Fabrication of Racks, Bins, Tackles, Shifting and Erection of
Generators. Manufacture of Holder Shaft, Keys, Reel Support Assembly for Combines.

M/s Max GB Ltd. Ropar – Designing and Manufacturing of Rotary and Reciprocating Shakers and S.S. items.

M/s Max India Ltd. Ropar – Erection of Imported (German-Bruckner) Plant Machinery for manufacture of B.O.P.P. films. Manufacture and supply of Core Cutting. Reaming machines, Special S.S. & M.S. Trolleys, Bins, Racks etc. Quick Locks and Run off spaces etc.

M/s Godrej GE Appliances Ltd. Mohali – Unloading from Open / Close Top 40 Ft. containers and Trucks. Shifting / Erection of imported as well as Indian Machinery.

M/s Krofta Engg. Ltd. Hoshiarpur – Packing of effluent Treatment Plant.

M/s Winsome Yarns Ltd. Derabassi – Erection of 1720/ 1600/1250 KVA SKODA / Kirloskar D.G. Stes
M/s Winsome Spinners Ltd. Baddi. – Including pipe line.
M/s Winsome Textile Ltd. Baddi. (H.P.) – Fabrication of Special Purpose S.S. /MS Trolleys.
CLAAS India –
Nabha Power Ltd. (L&T Rajpura) –


M/s Emmbros Forging Ltd. Derabassi - Unloading, Shifting & Erection of Upsetter Forging Press weighing 1, 75, 000 Lbs Single piece.

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