We offer our services through two flexible options to cater to our clients' varying needs:

Response time: 1h to 24h (Depending on type of job & location)

Open Service Contracts
Adhoc – Instant Requests

Open Service Contracts

Response time: 1h – 12h (depending on requirement of equipment)

Under this arrangement, clients can benefit from a comprehensive and ongoing service contract that extends throughout the year. This option is ideal for businesses and industries seeking a long-term partnership and consistent support. With an annual service contract, you gain access to our expertise and resources on a continuous basis, ensuring timely assistance and proactive maintenance.

Types of clients who can benefit from Annual Contracts:

  • Those who need regular and planned maintenance, minimized downtime and optimized performance of their machinery
  • Require priority service and response for any emergencies or unexpected issues
  • Conduct predictable budgeting, as the cost is spread over the contract duration
  • Require a dedicated support team assigned to meet your specific requirements

Some of our Trusted Clients:

Adhoc – Instant Requests

For clients seeking flexibility and on-demand services, we offer the Adhoc option. This allows you to request our services as needed, without any long-term commitment. Whether it's a one-time project, urgent assistance, or unforeseen requirements, our Adhoc service option ensures a swift response and efficient resolution.

Types of clients who can benefit from Adhoc Services:  

  • Those who need immediate response to urgent needs and unplanned maintenance requirements
  • Those who don’t want to give a long-term commitment and need flexibility in utilizing our services.

Regardless of the option you choose, our commitment to delivering exceptional service remains unwavering. Our highly skilled team is ready to provide top-notch support and solutions, whether it's through an annual open service contract or instant Adhoc requests. We understand the importance of maintaining operational efficiency and minimizing downtime, and our service options are designed to empower your business with the right support at the right time.

Some of our Trusted Clients:

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